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Political Science


Faculty of Political Science came into existence in the year of 2006 along with the establishment of this college under Himachal Pradesh University. Main objectives of the subject are comprehensive study including the behaviors, Organizations, institutions and philosophical foundations of political life from the level of individuals to the international setting in both contemporary and historical contexts. It makes the connection between theory and the practice at the ground level by preparing students for active lifelong participation and leadership in democratic society. Curriculum of this subject stresses the development of strong analytical skills and critical thinking and prepares them for further academic training in political science, law, public administration and other post- graduate programme as well as for work in public affairs, business, journalism, interest groups and a wide range of other careers.



At present our college offer B.A in Political Science under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) as per the guidelines comprising Core, DSC/DSE, Skill Enhancement and Generic/inter-disciplinary courses enabling students with specialized, advanced, supportive to the subject of study along with an exposure to some other discipline/subject/domain thereby nurturing the students proficiency/skill.


BA 1st Year
1 Introduction to Political Theory (DSC-IA) Code POLS 101
2 Indian Constitution and Government (DSC-IB) Code POLS 102
BA 2nd Year
1 Comparative Government and Politics (DSC-IC) Code POLS 201
2 Introduction to International Politics (DSC-IC) Code POLS 202
3 Legislative Support (SEC) Code POLS203
4 Public Opinion and Survey Research (SEC) Code POLS 204
BA 3rd Year(5th Sem)
1 Democratic Awareness with legal Literacy (SEC) Code POLS 501
2 Themes in Contemporary Political Theory (DSE-IA) Code POLS 502
3 Administration and Public Policy (DSE-IA) Code POLS 503
4 Society, Economy and Politics in Himachal Pradesh (GEN-I) Code POLS 504
BA 3rd Year ( 6th Sem)
1 Conflict and Peace Building (SEC) Code POLS 601
2 Democracy and Governance (DSE-IB) Code POLS 602
3 Understanding Globalization (DSE-IB) Code POLS 603
4 Human Rights, Gender and Environment (GEN-II) Code POLS 604


BA in Political Science (CBCS) 3 years 80 10+2 Merit Basis



Name of the Faculty Qualification Professional Experience Designation
Mr. Dinesh Kumar
MA,NET/SLET 5 years in college (Except this 1and half year as a JBT and more than three years as a PGT) Assistant Professor