The exclusive aim of form an alumni association in the college was to let our old students 'restrengthen' their ties after they have left the college officially. it is 'restrengthening' their bond because at Govt. College Sangrah a warm bond is pooled between the authorities and the students. A brief look through the history of the college since its initiation in the year 2006 would give a clear picture of a very carefully maintained relation between the teacher and the taught. A special enthusiasm, legitimacy and personalized attention have been some of the major undercurrents of the atmosphere of the college since the very beginning. In fact, the college boasts of numerous dynamic and well placed alumni who maintain regular link with college through an active alumni association. The association is forever forthcoming to carry responsibilities and maintain the different initiatives of the college in its persistent chase of achieving merit in all the fields. We wish them all the very best in all their future accomplishments.

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Our Noted Alumni Members:

Sr No. Name Profile
1. Miss Amra Devi Assistant Professor (Hindi)
2. Miss Monika Assitant Professor (Music Instrumental)
3. Mr. Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor (History)
4. Miss Poonam Assistant Professor (Economic)
5. Miss Mamta Sharma Assistant Professor (Pol. Science)
6. Miss Rekha Devi Naib Tehsildar

Current Alumni Association Committee Members:

Sr No. Name Profile
1. Mr. Ajay Kumar Assistant Professor
2. Mr. Govind Singh Assitant Professor

Current office bearers of Govt. College Sangrah (Alumni Association)

Sr No. Name Profile E-mail Mobile No
1. Mr.Krishan Thakur President    
2. Mr. Arun Kumar Vice President    
3. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Secretary    
4. Ms. Sushila Joint Secretary    
5. Mr. Papender Thakur Treasurer